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Live Cam Story

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My name I keep for myself, I still remind me the first day when I got connected. In those times I toke the best connection possible, and tried my first Internet. I used a search engine that my ISP provided me. And I still remind me my first keywords I used to search ( Love and Sex ) ... Many like me started on this way. You use a search engine and find what you need.

Within months after my first day online, I was a experienced surfer, and started to find better sites and more adult quality networks where I could find what I needed... My Keywords enhanced to ( Sex, Live, Cams, Porno, Free Sex ) and I loved it. Yes I do own a credit card, and I never used it to verify my age or get access to pay sites. I do however like the sites where you do not have to pay for a monthly access, but you pay for what you use, whenever you want to use it. In many cases you get your products cheaper and you do not pay for the time you do not use the website.

Webcam sites have this same advantage. You hang out in the free chat rooms, and while you browse around and get to know the girls better and better, you can spend from time to time money for live sex shows. And on this way you get what you want, and a lot of free live sex teasing in the middle you do not have to pay for.

Many webcam sites claim to offer the best online experience, but I have come to learn that it is best to stay with the big sites who pay their girls fair, and also make sure the girls come back. I like to see my money good spend. And after many thousands of dollars, I know for a fact I have spend the most of them at Webcam Portal, this site I found years ago when I was using to help out some people with HTML code. is a simple webcam site, so simple it keeps the member clear and fully aware of all his options. When you join, you will have your own Member Page, and if you want you can tell something about yourself. This is nice if the model you interact wants to see something about you, or if you do not want to show anything, you can keep those options blank. The best way to get shows is to become a FAN CLUB member of the model you like best. This brings you a extra discount that can go up to more then 50% in some cases. The hotter the model, the higher the discount.

I have an account with and meet many girls online. When I started to browse all the models on, and yes, I also pay attention to the boys, I stumbled by accident into Nathalie. A East European Girl who was living on her webcam online almost 24 hours a day. Her cam was only turned off when she was sleeping :) and in some cases she falls asleep while working, but this I have only experienced after I had her masturbating with a massive dildo for more then 3 hours. I paid 300 $ for this 3 hour show, and it worth every minute of it...After 3 hours she was so tired of the orgasms train she had she blacked out with the dildo still stuck in her vagina.

This girl made me crazy, and she shows me the things on such a way it turns me on in many ways. Having her on my side in the online live sex world is a blessing. In my daily work I have a very isolated job, and sit in my office 8 hours a day and only see 3 pictures on the wall and a monitor.

It did not toke long before I showed Nathalie my office on my office cam. And before we knew it, we undressed ourselves both and started masturbating cam 2 cam. A very hot and intense situation and sexual experience, I can tell you this. It starts mostly with asking each other how our days went, and then when she shows me her panties while spreading her legs and smiles and me and says " Like what you see ? "  I cant resist and say always " Let’s go private baby "

And I add then a easy 50$ to my account with my MasterCard, and use my fan club discount option, and jerk off and show my Nathalie how much cum I can spray in her face if she would be live in my office.

My Desires where growing and I wanted to see my favorite Webcam Girl in my arms naked and softly breathing in my ear, telling me how hot she is for me and how she wants to suck my dick and taste my love juices.

Many months later after daily sexual exchanges by webcam, it was time to ask her to come see me in private. She still hesitated after I dropped the big question, but she looked like she was in for it. Still, it would take her months to even plan a trip. She was from East Europe, and it takes time to leave their place. In East Europe people are more traditional and do not leave to a far place so easy.

I am now months further in my story and today I am going to meet the dream webcam girl of my life. She will stay with me for 2 whole weeks and we are going to have a great time. Picking her up from the airport now...... “ How have you been, how was the trip “ asking me while holding her in my arms, her smell was perfect, a little human and a little making me crazy. Her hairs where even fuller as on the cam, they felt so soft. If there would be a moment I could die in peace, this would be one of those moment. “ I can not believe I am holding you in my arms “ she softly spoke in my arms…

I was aware she was happy to see me, we have a chemistry, the combination is heavenly.

We toke a 3 hour trip to my home, and while I was driving we run into a traffic jam that added a extra 2 hours to the trip. A bad truck accident, lucky no one hurt, but glass all over the road......“ You know what we should do my dear ? “ and slowly her eyes drew attention to the big bump in my pants. She put her hands on my zipper and gentle opened it. She tock my big dick out and massaged it slowly with her hands. I had to keep my hands on the wheel and not lose any concentration. But I was having a hard time when her soft lips where kissing my penis and her tong was actually licking it like a soft ice-cream. “ I hope you do not mind me taking a little appetizer “  and her eyes went back to my penis.

I did not knew how to act, but it seemed like a good thing to keep my hands on the wheel and not hit any other cars on my way home. Many periods of 20-30 minutes I was without making any progress on the road, but Nathalie was keeping me very happy in the mean while. There is no such thing as stress in traffic when your webcam girl is sitting next to you, half naked and enjoying sucking your manly hood.

After coming home I was very hot and horny and my girl had her lips full with my seed and was licking it all away with her tong. “ I hope we have nice bed inside your house to fuck on “ .. This girl was a dream. I was so hot for her, and was pleasured to show her my home.

I live at the sea side, half house is made of glass, and my interior is done by my ex wife, she owns half of the bank industry and left me a good pension behind. I was a good boy, but she needed someone else. My Bedroom was large and contained the female elements of surprise.

As soon we where inside, she started to undress herself, and she dropped her clothes nonchalant everywhere she walked… In 1 minute she was down to her panties, and I started to undress myself also. I dropped my pants in a magical way and surprised myself about the handiness I suddenly appeared to have. The buttons on my blouse where to unhandy, so I ripped them apart, and was hot for desire and possession her body. Feeling her skin, and smelling her anus, vagina, licking it, tasting a wife like eating a dinner. The hunger I felt was LUST and the DESIRE I felt was turned into fire. My Dick was painfully hard pumping up in the sky, searching for that one thing…. A hot soft tender wet pussy, a pair of arms grabbing your back, pressing you to her skin, a breath that goes faster and faster….
Why don’t we make a live webcam show sweetie ?

The idea that she just brought up made me totally insane and hot. This was the best thing ever, and I was grabbing my cams and PC`s and ready to set it up in the bedroom, toke me a 20 minutes to make it all good with the lights and we could use her account to stream the show on.

“ Ready to go baby “  … she was looking with wet hairs into my direction, and licking her tong over her lips. This was a sign of lust, I noticed right away. She logged in on her account with a professional speed I could only dream about. And the show was starting in 2 minutes. Nathalie arranged a Group Session on This gives us the option to start a show as soon 5-10 or 15 people have logged on. We decided to start small and do it for 5 people. It toke only 7 minutes and she said “ Lay down baby, I am going to suck your dick now and I hope I will still taste the cum of 1 hour ago “ and then moments of joy and total explosions where taking part of my brain. She sucks like a queen and she also gives deep throat shows. She likes to gag hard, and then starts to smile “ I am still learning, only 19 here he “  …

 Dear readers, I can continue to tell you about all the porn sessions we have done, but there is no need in this. Nathalie decided to accept my big question with a YES, we are married now for 2 weeks, we have found each other on And I love every moment of my life now. I know my wife liken o one else does. I know she performed on thousands of shows, and she had sometimes a girl licking her pussy. And yes, we still do the shows on cam, it is was brought us together. We share the lust of each others bodies, and we like to pleasure ourselves for hours and hours. Sometimes we invite a girlfriend over, and I let my wife have her lesbian experiences, she loves to hear a women scream on her lips :)

I suggest you start today your experience also….. Join the club of those people who like to explore more with sex and are ready to start first a virtual relationship where it is about give and take. If you are not ready to pay for a webcam women some nice gifts, why would you be nice for a women in real life? Think about it, you start safe on the internet, and it takes you just as much money, perhaps even less as the money you would spend in a bar or club.

Enjoy, streaming webcam girls online.

Story : Send to by a Fan Club Member ( Allias AlxiaNat54 ) © Tjeezers 2003-2010